VDB 152





Boren-SImon 8" F3.6

Imaging Camera

Starlight Xpress H9 Mono



Exposures :

20*600 L


20*300 R


10*300 G


20*300 B


ASA 2" x 0,73 Corrector/Reducer 2KORRR


Astrodon LRGB CCD Imaging Filters (E-Series), Astrodon H-alpha 6nm


December 2015, Januar 2016

vdB 152 is a reflection nebula visible in the constellation of Cepheus .


Its location is identified approximately 4 ° to the east of Alfirk (β Cephei), in a region rich in dark nebulae and star fields, located on the southern edge of the Cepheus Flare ; inside is a blue-white star of the main sequence , BD + 69 1231, of magnitude 9.29, which gives the radiation gas surrounding a distinctly bluish color. The star is the southernmost end of a dark nebula comet-looking, with long hair that is lost in a northerly direction. In the northern part of the cloud is LDN 1217, a very dense cloud in which the presence of multiple sources of infrared radiation suggest the presence of phenomena of star formation . The distance of the structure is estimated at 400 parsecs (1,300 light years ) (WIKI)