IC1795 "Super" Luminance

Press on image to inspect the full version. Shows the quality of captured data and drizzle integration in Pixinsight. Full size is a double version of the captured size.

A test with the purpose to create a "super" luminance. The image is an integration of narrowband images, Ha OIII and SII, into a luminance image A total of 78 sub exposures, 38*Ha, 15*OIII and 24*SII, approx 14 houres. In addition drizzle integration is used. The drizzel scales the image by 2.The drizzle does realy give the stars a more tight and natural look. The result an almost clean image. A very gentle small scale noise reduction has been done


The image is processed in Pixinsight, DB, LinearMultiscaleTransform, MaskedStretched, curves and a contrast curve.